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Rest assure TKL Cleaning Co have implemented safe practices in light of the COVID-19 virus. We aim to keep ourselves and our clients safe whilst still being able to maintain a nice clean germ-free home and workplace for you all.

Policies are in place and all staff have been supplied with the correct PPE for the job.

All employees also complete the online training and certificates are available on request.…/covid-19-infection-control-trai…

We also hot machine wash all our cloths and mop heads daily in a bleach solution. We have ample to use across the day to ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

We also have procedures in place implementing the advice provided in the below article on Sunrise. We have numerous products containing the solutions mentioned in this article and use them in the manner described in your homes and workplaces.…/coronavirus-prevention-how-to-keep-y…

If you have just returned to the country and are in self-quarantine, you or any of your family members are showing any signs of the virus or if you have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case of the virus, please contact us to reschedule or cancel your clean. That way we can prevent the potential spread to any of our families or clients.

I can not stress enough that if you do not meet the above criteria please continue your cleans as normal if you are able. Our lovely employees are all casual employees and mums who rely on their income from week to week, and we want to keep supporting the small businesses throughout this stressful and scary time.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your cleans please don’t hesitate to contact Taren or Vicki.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a high-quality service! Our services can be provided at an hourly rate or as a package. All of our packages can be altered to suit each individual client’s requirement. If you have any issues please contact our management team.

No lock-in contracts are required. As long as you are happy with our services we will keep attending the property. However, due to no contracts, payments are to be received into TKL Cleaning Co’s bank account before the date of the booked clean. No CASH or CHEQUES are to be left with the cleaner, unless otherwise authorised by TKL Cleaning Co management.

If an account is preferred this can also be arranged. Please contact Management to have a client application forwarded. Accounts will only be established after a thorough credit check has been completed and is approved.

We prefer our clients obtain a key lockbox and have it placed in an easily accessible location at the front or side of the property/building. This ensures only people you have supplied the lock code to access your property. If you prefer to leave a key, TKL Cleaning Co management will take a copy and have signed authority filled out by your allocated cleaner and yourself ensuring no copies are cut.

We endeavour to have the same cleaner or cleaner team attend your property at the same time of the same day each week or as required. However, on occasion, we have cleaners who may have fallen ill or have taken leave. In these circumstances, we can supply a casual cleaner who is equally qualified and trustworthy to cover these bookings or reschedule your clean for your regular cleaner’s return.

We also have one-off cleans and gift vouchers available.

One-off cleans will be charged on an hourly basis quoted on the size of the home. The client will advise TKL Cleaning Co of the requirements of the clean and we endeavour to cover all requirements at a high standard in the quickest time frame possible to achieve the high standard TKL Cleaning Co offer. 

One-off cleans must be paid in full one day prior to the date of booking. Payment can be made via TKL Cleaning Co’s bank account unless otherwise advised.

Gift vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase and are better utilised on a package rate to ensure the recipient receives a full house clean.

Gift vouchers can be issued for one-off cleans or multiple cleans with a discount of 15% being applied for more than 6 cleans on any one gift voucher. If an hourly amount is preferred this can also be arranged.

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